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We supply Town Criers for all different events around the country to organisers of Civic events, Parades, Carnivals and all types of personal occasions, Anniversaries, birthdays, even 1 divorce proclamation was asked for. As well as Town Criers we also supply Toastmasters and Master of Ceremonies to organisations who want publicity par excellence. Our personnel are known personally to the owner of this site and hirers can therefore be assured of getting the best.

If it is publicity you want then look no further, contact us and we will talk you through your needs, because everybody’s needs are so different.

Town Crier - Toastmaster or M/c

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All professionals in this modern world require “Public Liability Insurance” cover. All our members have this cover to the value of £5 million and this means that you do not have to worry about this minefield, peace of mind is a valuable commodity.

The Public Liability is provided by the

Loyal Company of Town Criers

A group of Town Criers who are working together for the good of Town Crying in general, all the members are covered you can see their web site at:


Proud to be supplying Town Criers to some of the largest retail businesses in the UK, ring now and see why the Town Crier is the best way to advertise your event. 07786667265

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